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CytoSorbents: The Next Great Medical Device Growth Story? I say YES! @ MicroCap MarketPlace (CTSO)

CytoSorbents Corporation (OTCBB: CTSO) is a critical-care focused therapeutic device company using blood purification to modulate the immune system and fight organ failure in life-threatening illnesses such as sepsis, burn injury, trauma, lung injury and pancreatitis. Its purification technology is based on biocompatible, highly porous polymer beads that can actively remove toxic substances from blood and other bodily fluids by pore capture and adsorption.

At MicroCap MarketPlace, Executive Editor Mike Casson writes that "investors who want real growth in the health care space head to the biotech or medical device sub-sectors. Quite possibly one of the more alluring things about micro-cap biotechnology and medical device firms is that these tiny companies often have cut-and-dry situations." In other words, they do really well or they tank.

Casson believes that CytoSorbents is positioned to be one the companies that growth-hungry investors look for. He writes,

"I think CytoSorbents’ game-changing blood purification technology will revolutionize the way doctors treat life-threatening illnesses in intensive care units and will be a key market driver for the Company...Of course, there are risks with CytoSorbents (this is a development stage company after all) just as there are with most micro-caps, but the key here is the potential rewards seem to far outweigh the risks and the stock probably trades at a valuation that isn’t justifiable, meaning it’s too low."

He goes on to explain 3 additional key investment considerations: CytoSorb's availability in Germany, the Company's strong intellectual property portfolio, and the biggest key of all, the company's management team.

Read his full analysis at MicroCap MarketPlace

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